The Girl with the CAMERA

Hi there! My name’s Maddy, and I’m a wedding photographer currently based in Sacramento, with plans to move to Orlando in February 2022. My style is genuine -- I strive for photos that tell a story and capture a moment in time. I edit with greenery in mind and love golden tones. I want to focus on making your photos timeless instead of what may be trendy at the moment. I’m all about capturing real, raw authenticity between people.

I've always been interested in photography, but for a while I thought I liked filmmaking better. I bought my first camera in 2012 after looking for something that would take good video. I ended up practicing on my family members, and the rest is history! It's been a wild ride along the years, but I've decided photography is where my heart lies. 

Candid photos can be some of the most beautiful photos you'll see in your lifetime. Capturing a person for who they are and finding real moments to solidify forever. What I admire so much about this market is that no photographer is the same. Everyone has different styles, approaches, editing choices. If I'm your girl, then let's do this!!!

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Are you currently booking sessions/weddings in Florida?

Absolutely!! Although I won't be moving for a few more months, I am trying my hardest to get a head start on the east coast. I am booking any & everything: weddings, seniors, maternity, family, couples, Disney, birthdays, you name it! It's never too early to book a session with me :)

Where/when are you moving?

I am moving from Northern California to Central Florida in February 2022! I have lived in Florida before briefly and have wanted to move back. I am excited to start my photography journey across the country soon!

When did you start photography?

I picked up my first camera as a high schooler in 2012. It started as a hobby, I did odd jobs through the years and was on and off for a while. Finally in 2018 I decided to pick it back up again for good! I revamped my socials, website & bought all new equipment... the rest is history!

How are you shooting California weddings in 2022?

I have a select few weddings booked next year in California due to the move. I will be traveling back for each one & staying with family. I am making sure to fly in at least a full day before so there are no delays!

When are you available & how do I book?

Please contact me before setting up a shoot and I will be happy to tell you the best time I will be available to take your photos. I get dozens of inquiries weekly and cannot always update my calendar. Head over to the contact page, kindly fill out the form, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can!



“Thank you so much for your beautiful & professional work! We had the best experience ever with you. A wedding is one of the most memorable moments, and you captured them for us in the most gorgeous way. We would recommend you to anyone who wants to keep the most beautiful moments forever.”